Chittenden County Fish & Game Club

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Membership Info-

Membership is $50/ year / family including children under age 18.
- Membership year runs from Jan 1 to Dec. 31.
- Memberships are available from club trustees or :
*Parro's Gun Shop (Waterbury)                   * Beaudry's Store (Huntington Ctr.)
* Dattillio's Guns & Tackle (So. Burlington)        * Jericho General Store (Jericho)
              * Powderhorn Gun Shop (Williston)                   


Available by mail ($1 additional) by filling out
application form at this link and mailing with a check for $51 to:
c/o  Mich Allen
161 Lost Nation Road
Essex Junction, VT   05452

General Club Rules

>   No speeding. Speed limit is 5 mph.
>   Please park so as not to obstruct emergency  vehicles, campers or  
member's vehicles.
>  Pets must be leashed or under owner's control.
>   Campfires in designated fireplaces only.
>   Fishing in trout ponds for children ages 5 - 14 only.
>  All trash must be put in appropriate containers.
>   Violation of club rules and regulations can lead to membership termination.*

* The club reserves the right to revoke any membership because of
unsafe practices or violation of club rules within the premises.
Only current paid members, their spouse or
any children under 18 may use the shooting
range. No guests are allowed to shoot.

You must have your membership card in your
possession, and any member may ask you to
show it.

Children under 18 must be directly supervised
at all times on the range.

No pets are allowed on the shooting range
during hours of operation.

Range hours are strictly enforced. On open
days, the hours are: Daylight Savings Time –
9 am to 6 pm Eastern Standard Time – 9 am
to 4 pm The range may be closed for special
events,maintenance, the 16 day deer season
most holidays and other days each month.

Check the signs and bulletin board at the gate
and our website for the closed dates.
Do not
fire a single shot
during the prohibited
days or times.

Eye and ear protection are required.

Firearms are to be unloaded while going to
and from your car, except for properly
holstered handguns worn by you.

NO alcoholic beverages are permitted on the
shooting range. If you appear to be under the
influence of drugs or alcohol, or if you are be-
having in a manner that poses a safety risk,
you .will be asked to leave the premises.

Shoot from the firing line only, shoot down
range directly ahead of you. No cross-firing,
shooting over berms or off- range. Do not
move the shooting benches

Full automatic, .50 BMG, cannons and
Tannerite are not permitted at any time.

Controlled fire only and impacting into the
lower half of the berm.

Be aware of muzzle control at all times. A
loaded firearm should always be pointed
down range.

Please be considerate of nearby shooters.
Be sure your muzzle blast and flying hot
brass do not pose a risk to anyone.

You may fire only at targets that are
intended specifically for use on a shooting
range. Cans, bottles, and frangible metal or
plastic objects are not permitted, exploding
targets are no longer permitted.

Targets must be placed close to the berm
only. To avoid the risk of ricochets and lawn
damage, do not place targets on stands in
the grass between the firing line and the
berm. Do not put targets on top of berms,
backstops or support posts. No digging for
lead or climbing on berms except to place
clay targets. Clay targets are to be placed
no higher than half way up the berm.

Use standard range commands posted at
the firing line to call a cease fire. Hand
signals alone are not an acceptable way to
request a cease fire; verbally notify all
shooters before leaving the firing line to go
down range or to restart shooting.

Place an orange cone 10-15 yards
out from
the firing line
when posting or retrieving
to indicate to others that you are
Firearms must be in safe mode during a cease fire
which means: chamber unloaded, action open,
magazine removed and firearm upright in notched
rest on bench or at least out of your hands.

Please discard all of your trash, including brass,
spent shell casings, cigarette or cigar butts, used
targets, empty ammo boxes, etc in the proper

If you are unfamiliar with range operations or a
new firearm, please ask for help.

Always follow the recommendations of your gun
and ammunition manufacturer. Safety = Action +

Any any member may ask you to leave the
premises if you repeatedly do not follow range rules
or if you display an attitude not consistent with
safety. Repeated, willful failure to follow range rules
may result in revocation of your membership.

Additional special rules apply to the 10 yard berm
and shotgun field and are posted at the range. .

Please be prepared to show your membership card
upon entering.

Range rules and hours of operation are subject to
change. Check our website for
the most up to date information.

                                                   Rev. 3/9/18